Designed to be the tallest structure in the world, the The SUNDIAL ISLAND Tower will be erected in Abu Dhabi. The tower will be the centerpiece of an 1.1 million square meters project to include a 1,000 meter high tower and a 100,000 square meters, 6 story cloister housing the Barakat Middle Eastern Museum and Conference Center. The tower will be based on a modern faceted design with 20 transitional floors throughout for elevator sky lobbies and mechanical plants. The base will be highlighted by a Michel Medawar – conceived circular restaurant, 100 meters in diameter. The tower itself will also function as the world’s largest SUNDIAL, further inspired by Michel Medawar. The building will cast shadows on the appropriately designed surroundings at a precise time of day with specific color accents and multimedia experience, thus creating a kinetically artistic image of time at never before attempted scale. The skyscraper will reach a height of 1220 meters at the top of the antenna farm and transmission tower as the crown of the structure. The building site will total 46 acres with 16 acres open public spaces, consisting of plazas, gardens, water features, public and private volumes and numerous cultural venues, such as several performance theaters, exhibition spaces, as well as the world’s first SUNDIAL History Museum and the world’s largest Antiquity Collection by Barakat.